Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

5 Key Tips when deciding on your Wedding Day Bouquet

  1. Be brave with colour – the colour scheme used throughout the wedding is normally a huge decision for any bride-to-be and a big talking point for weeks with friends and family members. Once decided, whether you opt to follow that colour scheme through into your bouquet is often a personal decision made by the bride herself. Our tip is that if you are having a strong colour scheme and you want it present in your bouquet – go all out! Be brave, have a high impact bouquet that looks wow on all the photos. Often I see strong colours mixed with white flowers in a 50:50 ratio – the overall result is polka dots! A solid colour bouquet will have an massive impact… Alternatively blend it with varying shades of the same colour if you want a softer look, that way you will be able to incorporate a little white too while managing to avoid the spots… 2014-05-24 09.29.03.jpg
  2. Choose your dress first – the style and shape of your dress should influence your bouquet. For example, a dress with lots of detail on the front should not be covered up so a smaller round hand-tie would work well. Alternatively if your dress is all about the sleeves and back but plainer at the front, you can afford to have a bigger/trailing/more elaborate bridal bouquet. Also think about the era your dress has been designed from…if its a vintage dress, go for a vintage bouquet, its a casual bohemian dress go for a very natural and loose bohemian bouquet…you get the 3.jpg

    3. Are you tall or are you small? Your actual body size should be taken into consideration too when choosing your bouquet. A small bouquet of ten roses or so would look lost on a tall bride similarly petite brides should avoid overly large bouquets as they will swamp and cover them. A common mistake that I see is that florists often give brides who have fuller figures huge round bouquets. This gives the illusion of them looking larger. Instead, a long and slim bouquet will be more flattering as it lengthens the body and draws the eye in and down.

    4. What’s your favourite flower? Lots of women have a favourite flower…its your day, have your wedding flowers your way! Most flowers can be manipulated into any shape and size bouquet as well as being available a whole array of colours. My favourite flower is oriental lilies…

    5. Seasonality. The availability, quality and choice of flowers depend largely on the time of the year that you are getting married. When selecting your wedding day blooms, ask your florist to recommend seasonal flowers can can work well as alternatives to possibly most expensive out of season flowers. This way you will get maximum quality for minimum budget. Some flowers are available all year round at fairly stable prices and quality. Roses, orchids, callas, gerberas, daisies, gypsophila, lilies, carnations and lisianthus are all popular wedding flowers that are widely available all year round.

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