Village Hall Weddings in Kent

Top Ten Tips to Create a Perfect Village Hall Wedding

  1. Create a blank canvass – many village halls have various notice boards, maps and pictures decorating the interior walls of the hall, often in key places. Drapes and backdrops can help to create a beautiful fresh and neutral environment to hold your wedding celebration meaning you can introduce your chosen theme and colour scheme without it conflicting with existing props.2014-06-21 15.14.20
  2. Choose a complimentary theme – the main point of the village hall wedding is that it is a bit “old fashioned” in a kitsch and cool kind of way so go with it. Vintage, antique and rustic wedding themes will all be in keeping with your venue. 2013-06-22 13.40.59
  3. Invite everyone – village halls are normally very spacious and have the capacity to hold more people than the average wedding venue, so as you are not being charged per head, invite everyone you know!
  4. Long tables rule – long tables opposed to more traditional round tables will be better. They seat more people, take up less space and will fit in with the whole vintage theme perfectly. 2013-04-13 14.40.43
  5. Simple catering – I don’t mean boring, just simplify your food choices. The kitchen on site is not likely to have the capacity to create a Cordon Bleu six course wedding breakfast served silver service style so a stylish hot buffet, a barbecue or hog roast would be a sensible option that won’t break the bank.hog roast
  6. Stage it – a lot of village halls have stages, use it. Stages are excellent for creating a bit of extra space for either the entertainment, children’s games, the cake and sweetie station or even the head table! backdrop
  7. Don’t neglect the entrance hall – this is the first impression your guests will get when they arrive for your wedding. Add some nice details here so it all feels part of the venue. beaded curtian entrance
  8. Tell people what to do – the wedding format at village halls is often non-traditional. For example there may be no formal seating plan, there not be anyone handing out a welcome drink…so tell people. You don’t want everyone wondering around like lost sheep. Wedding signage is becoming more and more popular for all weddings, but in my opinion it’s an absolute must for village hall weddings.2012-09-22 11.35.24
  9. Go to town on the chairs and tables – here is your chance to really impress your guests. vintage head table
  10. Hire some staff – its highly unlikely the village hall have any staff for your to use on the day and night of your wedding and depending on the catering and bar suppliers you have opted for, it may mean that there is no-one on hand to just keep on top of things. Spilled drinks, smashed glass, clearing empties…all these things can begin to escalate after 100 or so alcohol-fueled people have been together in the same room for a few hours… If your budget will stretch, I recommend hiring professional bar staff to keep things running smoothly, one member of staff per 20 guests is normally a good ratio to work to. Oh and don’t forget the clean-up – most village halls require you to “leave as you found”. Cleaning toilets, sweeping and mopping floors and putting heavy chairs and tables back in cupboards is not the greatest way to start your honeymoon. Again if budget allows, hire some cleaners to do this for you. Often the hall’s resident cleaner will take on the job for a small fee. And finally if you hire a Wedding Day Coordinator, they will coordinate all these staff memebers for you as well as keep in top of the day’s running order and liase with ALL suppliers present on the day meaning that you can sit back, relax and have fun enjoying all your previous hard work pay off.

For help planning your village hall wedding or decorating a village hall for an event in Kent or for more information on Wedding Day Coordinators please visit:

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